SDI Philosophy

We bring our deep expertise in business strategy and execution to facilitating processes that teach client teams how to:

  • Know your environment and megatrends impacting your business;
  • Create a 3-year innovation and growth strategy;
  • 3 year strategic objectives;
  • 3 year execution plan;
  • This is all accomplished in 3 days through our Innovation In-the-Box™ process resulting in a 3 year Strategic Plan.

We DO NOT develop strategy and execution for our clients, they are the experts in their industries. At SDI, we are the experts in innovation and growth strategy and execution processes. We enable you to harness your knowledge with practical hands methods that provide enduring value.

We do recognize some skill sets may be missing and provide Business Solutions for follow-up. These areas of practical knowledge include:

  • Consulting Support;
  • Strategy Execution Workshop follow-up for our 3-day ITB™ Process;
  • ITB™ Tune-ups 1 year to 18 months after the initial ITB™ process has been implemented.
  • Skill Building Application Seminars in areas of Strategic Thinking, Business Acumen, EI, Leadership, and Megatrend Evaluations.
  • Executive Development – individuals and teams, from assessments to development plans.

Client Resources portion of our website provides access to current validated research that cross industry boundaries in relevant areas of Strategy, Innovation, Execution, Global Context, and Leadership. This resource section is updated quarterly with critical articles to keep you current. The articles have the added benefit the key points have already been highlighted to speed your reading and understanding.

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