Skill Building Application Seminars

Our seminars are custom designed to provide scholar-practitioner application skill building. Sound, research validated content focusing on your organizations real work problems and issues. The design provides highly focused outcomes with permanent skill development and measurable outcomes. Designs are provided in 1, 1-1/2 and 2 day versions.

  • Strategic Thinking.
    Problem solving with strategic thinking drills down the the relevant issues, focus on the primary objective to be accomplished. The focus is on Socratic, open-ended questions, challenge assumptions and see others’ viewpoints with clarity. This is evidence versus opinion based thinking. This seminar is hands-on application that solve your current business problems. The focus is to link Strategic Thinking applications to the strategic objectives, initiatives, programs, and projects critical you success.

  • Business Acumen and Decision Analysis
    These skills are focused on managers and leaders to enhance their business vocabulary and the ability to evaluate, decide and communicate across business functions. Primary topics are: strategy; strategic management, market positioning, essentials of finance, managing across organization boundaries, and decision roles and analysis.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Managing Expectations
    EI is simple to define - being smart with your emotions, but extremely challenging to do. We use the EQ2.0™ from MHS to provide a validated assessment of current EI skills for participants. We take the participant base line and focus on EI skill development in 5 primary EI skill groups or buckets. The focus is EI skill practice and application. In particular the application set keys on managing expectations of those individuals the participant influences and/or manages.

  • Leadership. These seminars are tailored to the skill level and position of participants and can be tiered for mixed skill levels. Primary skill sets include:
    • Defining your leadership style
    • Leading and managing to situations
    • Power and influence
    • Performance management
    • Communication in a multi-cultural and multi-generational environment
    • Competing in a global context
    • Decision frameworks, roles, and structure
    • How to use financial data in decision making

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