Business Solutions

We provide specific consulting support and resources for:

  • Executing strategy (developed in the ITB™ 3-day workshop). Once the first strategic plan is underway the request is often made for a refresh to the Strategic Plan. This is accomplished through an ITB™ Tune-up one year to 18 months after the initial ITB™ 3-Day Workshop.
  • Skill Building Seminars for Senior Leaders, Managers and Directors, High Potentials
  • Executive Development – a multidimensional process the assesses and then tailors a professional development and performance plan.

Strategy Execution

Consulting Support. SDI provides execution methodology and consulting support to sustain the sense of urgency created in ITB™ 3-day Workshop. Our Execution Methodology is presented as hands-on, learned skills that cascade down throughout the organization. There is a dual focus of executing the strategic plan and empowering your team members with enduring strategy execution skills.

Megatrend Evaluation
As part of the ITB™ 3-day Workshop up to 7 explicit megatrends that significantly impact the business are identified. These megatrends affect all competing organizations in the competitive environment over which they have no control to change. These workshops follow-up on the identified trends to validate trajectory and confirm and expand on identified opportunities.

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