ITB™ Process Overview

The ITB™ Process is a custom designed 3-day workshop for any Intact Team within an organization to create a 3-year innovation growth strategy and execution plan in light of changing markets and dynamic global environment.

What is an Intact Team? Any Team of individuals that has a strategic focus for the business. For example: (1) total business or business unit (e.g. Senior Management Team); (2) functional team (e.g. Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, or Customer Support); (3) major initiative or strategic project team.

We run an intense, focused, and very fast paced 3-day workshop broken up into 9 Steps. Here PowerPoint is used as an aide only, not to overwhelm with TMI. Our firm has experimented with numerous variations – they all pointed to the ideal amount of time – 3 days.

This is a highly visible effort with strong tactile feel which engages all senses. All thoughts and ideas are captured on large post-it notes, organized in different manners using customized flip chart sheets and visibly linked together. The workshop information is digitally captured, transcribed during and after the session into a comprehensive Strategic Plan Workbook in Microsoft Office formats.

The ITB™ 3-day Workshop is based in individual thinking, small (teams of 2 to 5) and large group (team of 10-15) collaboration. We follow a disciplined, time monitored approach for all sections or steps in the process. The end result is 100% participating, engaged team members with highly visible results during the sessions that cascade together.

90% of the brainpower to build a innovation growth strategy and execution plan sits in your business leader’s heads. We leverage and build on their business acumen. We provide the other 10% through a specific, disciplined, and validated ITB™ process and facilitation.

Prior to running the 3-day ITB™ workshop we interview team members of the In-tact Team, it’s environment (inside and outside the organizations), customers (internal and external), markets and competitors.

Results (in 3 days):

  • 3-year Innovation Growth Strategy and Execution Plan
  • 3-year Strategic Objectives
  • Scorecard
  • Market Assessment
  • Megatrend Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning Workbook

All our clients have attempted a variety of approaches of strategic planning to develop a growth strategy and strategic plan on their own and with help from others. All concurred they were not satisfied with the quality, time involved, and poor execution.

The ITB™ method and approach was light years ahead of all previous efforts as attested by all Strategy Dynamics clients that have tried the process. It harnessed the assembled team, created the 3 year strategic plan with built in ownership for execution.

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